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There is no such thing as an overnight success. It is a long, arduous road with exhilarating ups and hard knockdowns that can eventually derail those who are not fully committed to the journey.

But when an artist that is truly gifted and music is their passion, no amount of industry hoop-jumping or dues paying can hold them back. Meet Jennifer Dixon.

This sultry, dark haired singer has a unique singing style that is totally original, but reminiscent of vocalists of the past.

She is a songwriter with immense depth and truth in her songs, blending her soulful Memphis Influences with Americana and pop, refusing to be one thing musically. 

Jennifer was born in Flowood, MS, raised near Memphis, TN where she developed her style of writing and singing and became a fixture in the city for local club work.

After completing college on a vocal scholarship, Jennifer moved to Nashville to gain more experience as a vocalist and songwriter. She was soon performing in clubs , doing studio demo work, and crafting her own unique style by absorbing the creative community of songwriters in Nashville.

Her artist development deal with Nashville based Bluewater Music, led to studio projects with Nashville talent, and CMH Records"Pickin On" Series, recording with The Infamous String Dusters.

In 2018, she made Colorado her new home.

Her latest EP "Secrets" was produced by Denver producer Tommy Cangemi and keys player, Jason Friedman. “Secrets” is a collection of songs co-written with Nashville talent. Her lyrical delivery is passionate and emotionally honest, yet gives listeners a glimpse into her personality.

Jennifer is currently doing studio session work, writing towards sync placement, and performing select dates in Colorado.

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